Miroslav Řehák
       Budovatelů 301
  Řečany nad Labem, CZ


    + 420 466 932 489
    + 420 603 972 505
       Airport - GPS:

        N  50o 01´ 19´´
        E 015o 31´ 14´´



  Trike for rogallo - CROSS 5 SPORT:

- certified by LAA PRAGUE number T.P. 05/96.

The trike CROSS 5 SPORT is evolution of previous model - very successful trike CROSS-5. This trike was used for representation of LAA Czech republic on world championship 2003 and finish on the second place !!!

The base modifications include enlarged fuel tank for 39 liters. Construction of half axle is uncovered and is used a different hanger of half axle for decrease of tire tread width. Lodging of wing was reduced for 12 cm, so steering bar is lower and control is more pleasant.


Clearance high was decreased of 10 cm. Side surface of bonnet was reduced and before the pilot created wind shield. Covers of rear wheels are equipped with directional winglet for increase side surface behind the centre of gravity of the trike.


All three wheel are standardly braked by mechanical drum brakes. Front brake is controlled by right pedal and , rears via tractive effort combiner by left pedal.


Engines ROTAX, HIRTH, VERNER and others in weight to 80 kg could be mounted on the trikes CROSS-5 SPORT. The trike is prepared for installation of rocket rescue system. Surface colors of trike and seats are made with all tones of RAL on the request of customer. White headlamp on the front and red (or stroboscope) on the rear could be added on the wish of the customer.

For comlete gallery of the model CROSS-5 SPORT click here.

The trike CROSS-5 SPORT is salled in ste USA by APEX.

Time of delivery: 2 months after payment of deposit.

CROSS-5 SPORT for engines VERNER 63.000 Kč 50 %
CROSS-5 SPORT for other engines 59.000 Kč 50 %

Kit of the trike is not provided.