Miroslav Řehák
       Budovatelů 301
  Řečany nad Labem, CZ


    + 420 466 932 489
    + 420 603 972 505
       Airport - GPS:

        N  50o 01´ 19´´
        E 015o 31´ 14´´



  Rogallo, trike for rogallo - CROSS 5:

- certified by LAA PRAGUE number T.P. 05/96.

This 2 seated trike was developed on request of Czech army in program "BAT". It was tested in Army state air institution - Prague Gbely. Construction of the trike CROSS-5 is designed and as only one in Czech republic certified for maximum load of 450 kg. The trike is made in few construction modifications for the load various equipment based on the request of the army.


CROSS-5 is folded from high quality, special steel tubes with dural additions. It is standardly supplied with heavy-duty suspension. . Dural fuel tank has capacity of 34 litres, 39 litres optional, outside fuel tank gauge, inlet with locker, sludge pit and inner barrier. Comfortable foam rubber seats with side pockets are delivered in colors on customer choice. The trike could be equipped with aerodynamic cover for devices or with bonnet. This must be specified in the order because large bonnet couldn't be mounted additionally!


Doubled main rear console doubled easy movement for person of rear seat. CROSS-5 provides ideal comfort which you appreciate during perform longer tasks. Mounting of the wing is from the seat of pilot. The covers of wheel are obviously delivered in base price. All wheels have independent suspension. Brake is on front wheel. Optionally could be installed brakes on rear wheels - mechanical or hydraulic system. The trike is prepared for mounting the rescue system. Surface treatment is made with all tones of RAL on the request of customer.

Wing for rogallo STREAM-AEROS : 15 squared meters, minimum speed 50 km/h, Cruising speed 70 - 110 km/h, uncrossable 145 km/h, in turbulence 90 km/h is certified with type card on max flight weight 450 kg.

Time of delivery: 2 months after payment of deposit.

Wing for rogallo STREAM-AEROS 4.400 EUR 100 %
Trike CROSS 5 42.000 Kč 50 %
Small panel for devices 2.200 Kč -
Bonnet with order of trike 5.000 Kč -
Bonnet - later order N/A -
Protective packaging for trike (plastex) 3.000 Kč -
Kit of trike with small panel for devices 35.000 Kč 75 %
Kit of trike with large bonnet N/A -